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Electricity companies in Aotearoa charge different rates for Low and Standard electricity usage. Low users pay a lower daily supply charge and a higher charge per kWh (the unit we use to measure electricity). Standard users have a higher daily supply charge but a lower cost per kWh.

For most of the country, if you use less than 8000 kWh per year, you’ll be better off on the Low User plan, for those living in the lower South Island the threshold is 9000 kWh per year. The Low User Plan is only available for your principal place of residence (i.e. where you live, not a holiday home or a shed).

If you use more than 8000 kWh per year (or 9000 for the lower South Island) you will pay less if you are on a Standard User Plan.

If you aren't too sure whether you’re a Low or Standard user, don't worry! Every three months we’ll check your usage to see if you’re on the right plan. If it looks like you’d be better off changing plans we’ll get in touch.

Any rounding applied to rates are for display purposes only. Full rates are displayed in your account and on all invoices. Rates displayed above include the EA Levy.

We currently only supply smaller, single site businesses. If you meet this criteria and are interested in switching, please email business@octopusenergy.nz

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Medically dependent or vulnerable means:

  • You or someone who lives at the property either permanently or temporarily depends on electricity supply for critical medical support.
  • Disconnection of electricity supply would present a clear threat to the health or wellbeing of you or someone in your household because of their health, age, or disability.
  • It is genuinely difficult for you or a member of your household to pay for the electricity supplied to your property because of severe financial insecurity, whether temporary or permanent.


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